We know what a nightmare cleaning your back yard, lawn, deck or driveways it is during fall, when all the leafs start falling.

Of course, there’s always the solution of hiring professional help for this, but such yard activities can be very beneficial for your health, so why not do them yourself? Not to mention you’ll also save some nice money, as garden-tenders are pretty expensive these days.

And here’s where this website comes in. The purpose of this site is to help you guys pick the best leaf blower according to your needs, preferences and budget.

But first, who are you talking to?

My name is Mike, I am now 32 and I live in Everett, WA in the north-western part of the States. I used to work as a gardening tender when I was younger, between 1995 and 2002. I then started a landscape tendering company and hired a couple of guys to do the work. The company is no longer active (mainly because of my lack of business experience and over-trust in people, long story), but over the years I’ve got enough experience with gardening tools and accessories to be able to help others pick the tools that better suit their requirements and budget.

How is this site going to help you?

At the moment, there are many types of such devices and many producers make them. But before choosing the perfect leaf blower for you, there are some things you have to know:

  • which of them are noisy and which are not
  • which are clean to use and which not
  • which are better suited for the size of your back yard
  • which are powerful enough for the jobs you have for them
  • what are the extra features each brings
  • which are the most reliable
  • which are the most affordable and where you can find them

And many more. Also, you should know that some types of leaf blowers are banished on some regions of the US. mainly because of the noise they make. But not all of them.

By reading this blog you’ll find answers to all the above questions and many others. We’ll explain details about each type of leaf blowers available on the market, tell you what are the differences between them, what are the pros and cons for each class, etc.

Then, we’ll review some of the best such tools of the moment and we’ll show you where you can find such devices online. We always try to spot the best prices, so you won’t have to bother with deals hunting no more.

That’s about it.

For more details or for any problem and question you might have, you can always contact us.