Backpack leaf blower – best electric/gas back-pack leaf blowers

Leaf blowers are machines everyone should have as help to maintain their gardens in a proper shape. There are many types of such tools on the market, some bigger, some smaller, some more powerful and some less. But, if you have a big garden, with many trees and a big lawn, you’re going to need one of the powerful machines to easily keep it in a good shape. And since power comes with size most of the time, you’ll have to go for a backpack leaf blower.

And that’s actually a good thing, as these machines are way more comfortable to use than the hand-held ones. The best backpack leaf blowers available now come with gas engines and even so, are not that noisy or dirty. Modern petrol powered leaf blowers really have to respect a pile of regulations on noise and pollution levels, so don’t worry about this aspect. Also, since they are gas powered, you can expect them to provide quite some muscles, being able to handle nearly everything: big piles of leafs both dry or wet, racks, small rocks and all kind of other debriefs.

There are some electric backpack blowers available on the market too, and although they run cleaner and are more eco-friendly, i wouldn’t recommend them, because you’ll get stuck with the pesky power cord limiting your maneuverability and you’ll also get way lees power than on a petrol machine.

Once again, i have to tell you that backpack leaf blowers are in fact very comfortable, although weighing around 18-20 pounds. They come with special harnesses and also a special designed system to reduce the amount of vibration transmitted from the engine to the saddle. Plus, for most of them, you get throttle control mounted conveniently on the pipe, only to make your work more pleasant.

Below you’re going to find some of the most popular black-pack leaf blowers available on the market right now. There are a couple of different models with different price tags, so you can easily find something within your budget. Also, all the tools present here were chosen based on marks and reviews posted by people owning them, on various websites and forums. So be sure these devices are top picks for sure.

  • Troy-Bilt TB2BPa cheap and yet fast backpack blower, with a small 2-stroke gas engine and a good price (not-Carb Compliant – not for sale in California)
  • Troy-Bilt TB4BPa more powerful blower than the one before, with a quiet and economic 4-stroke gas engine and a proper price tag
  • Husqvarna 130BTa cheap 2-stroke engine powered gas blower, with an excellent body design and comfortable harness; not carb-compliant, but runs pretty quiet and offers tube-mounted controls
  • Husqvarna 350BT – the most popular in its class in the last years, this blower is powerful and uses a CARB-Compliant engine (thus low-polluting and quiet), plus a smart chassis meant to reduce vibrations. So definitely a best buy if you’ve got the budget (around $300)
  • Tanaka TBL-7800R an industrial backpack leaf blower with a 4-stroke 65 cc gas-powered engine, is the most powerful in this list, but also the heaviest and the most expensive (goes for $500+). It’s designed for wide areas and it’s definitely a great tool if you really require its abilities.

Of course, you can also see the designated backpack leaf blower category here on this site for more deals and reviews, or look for suitable accessories for them in here.

And I’m aware that there might be some other good devices out there right now I might have missed, so if you know any worth joining this lit, don’t hesitate to post a comment.

But for now, that’s about it. I do hope i could give you a hand understanding the things you should know about backpack leaf blowers and hopefully you were able to find a device that can fit you needs and budget withing the ones listed in this article.