Black & Decker LH4500 electric leaf hog with storage bag

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If you want an affordable leaf hog, this Black and Decker LH4500 is probably one of your best picks.

The device gets high marks and reviews from those who already bought it, and for good reason.

First, what we have here is a electric blower/vacuum. So you can use it to blow away leafs, but also gather and mulch them. There’s a special storage bag included in the pack with a zipper, so you can easily empty it once it gets full. However, reviews claim this bag is quite small and could tear apart easily if not used with extra care, something you should be aware of. Still, you can get spare bags for only a couple of bucks, so that’s not such a big deal.

The engine has 2 speeds, so you can easily control the amount of power needed. And speaking of power, this Black & Decker LH4500 can provide up to 240 MPH blow speed and 385 CFM air volume. Not as good as gas powered machine, but certainly very punchy for an electric one.

An since this is an electric tool, it runs clean. However, it’s not really that silent, owners claim it can get quite loud when compared to similar devices. Still, it’s quieter than a gas powered blower.

You’ll probably forget about these minor inconveniences when you’ll find find that this Black and Decker LH4500 sells for only $67.99, with a huge discount over its list price and Free Shipping included.

So overall the LH4500 is a great pick if you need something more powerful and can live with the extra noise. Otherwise, there are quieter machines on the market, but will cost you a couple of tens of bucks extra if you want something that can get close to this one in terms of power..

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