Cordless leaf blower – best battery powered leaf blowers

Leaf blowers are definitely useful tools too have around the house. There are several different models available in stores; among them, the cordless leaf blowers, or in other ones those battery powered, are the most comfortable and easy to use. However, they lack the power of gas or even electric blowers, so are only suited for smaller jobs.

Scroll down for a list of the best cordless leaf blowers of the moment.

Cordless leaf blowers - light and easy to use by anyone

Cordless leaf blowers – light and easy to use by anyone

Battery powered lead blowers do have some unbeatable advantages that other types of leaf blowers cannot offer. We’re going to talk about those, but also about the problems you should expect when using such cordless devices, in the next rows.

And after that, I’ll show you what are, at the moment, the best options for cordless leaf blowers and where you can get them with discounted prices, online.

First, let’s see why I like these house tools:

  • they are very light and easy to use with only one hand;
  • they are pretty quiet and the light-vibrations produced by the electric engine are not a major inconvenience;
  • they are battery powered, thus cordless, so you don’t get stuck with a pesky cords following you around;
  • they are clean to use, unlike gas powered machines;
  • they are pretty affordable (although in some cases more expensive than the standard electric blowers).

And of course, there are some problems with these as well. First, these machines really aren’t very powerful. Although there are some exceptions, you can consider these more like electric sweepers, devices you can use to clear leafs, dust and small debriefs from decks, patios, driveways, garage floor and stairs; just don’t get them in the grass, they’ll be powerless there. Gas powered blowers would be the ones to pick for that type of job.

Also, since these are powered by batteries, they have a limited autonomy, which in most cases is between 20 to 30 minutes. So, if you have jobs that should take longer, you’re going to wait for them to recharge. Which, depending on the type of batteries used (NiCad or LiPo), can take many hours or at least tens of minutes.

The best battery powered leaf blowers available these days

Now, let’s see what you should pick if you’re looking for such a device. The devices listed in here were chosen based on my experience with them (or what I’ve been told by my friends and clients) or based on the reviews and marks published by those who bought them, on various online sources. So be sure they are some of the best and the most popular in their class.

  • Earthwise CB20018a compact and cheap electric sweeper, offers enough power for your lawns and decks, but not that much for cleaning leafs and debriefs from the grass; batter only lasts for 30 minutes tops;
  • Black & Decker NSW18another cheap cordless sweeper, a bit more compact and with a bit better battery life; scored great marks and reviews with those who already own it;
  • Makita BUB182Zquite powerful for an electric cordless blower (thus is used in commercial/industrial environments as well), but also more expensive; comes with 3 years warranty;
  • WORX Air WG545 powerful for an electric sweeper and proper priced, it’s also very light, charges fast and offers around 20 minutes of use on high speed.
  • Black & Decker 36V sweeper – lightweight, powerful and compact, this sweeper comes with a punchy engine an a large 36V LiIon battery, which means it lasts longer an charges quickly; a bit pricey, but definitely worht the money. Click the link for the reviews, you’ll see what I mean.

And you can also check out the cordless leaf blowers in our dedicated category,or look for suitable accessories for them in here.

That’s about it for now. As you can see, there are quite a couple of battery powered leaf blowers you can choose from, some cheaper, some more expensive, some better, some with poorer performances.

According to your budget and requirements though, you should find a suitable one in here.