Ryobi ZR08510 gas-powered leaf blower – 40% discount


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Factory refurbished products are always great deals. This is also the case for this Ryobi ZR08510 portable gas powered leaf blower, available right now with a massive discount and two year warranty.

Actually, this is not just a blower, but also a vacuum/mulcher, so you can easily gather and store the leafs and debriefs in the special bags provided with the device (you can buy additional bags afterwards too and they are cheap).

And since this Ryobi is a gas powered, it’s very powerful (205 MPH and 375 CFM) and provides good mobility, as you won’t have to worry about cords and power cables getting in your way. And that’s great if you don’t mind the extra noise (not a big difference though from an electric blower, as this is one of the most quiet petrol blowers on the market, but still, something you have to consider).

Overall, this Roybi is definitely a great pick. For more details and pics, plus reviews and the options to buy one, click the big button above.

As for the price, this Ryobi ZR08510 factory refurbished sells right now for around 90 bucks, with a 40% discount over over the list price (this deal won’t last forever though. So better grab one fast!).

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