Toro 51609 electric leaf blower/vacuum – BEST BUY


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If you want a light, fast and quiet blower with a metal impaler than won’t break easily, the Toro 51609 should be very high on your list.

Hand-held electric blowers are the best compromise between power and mobility. This one is however more than a blower, it has vacuum mode and that, combined with the metallic mulcher, allows it to plow and shred through all sorts of debriefs. The storage bag in included in the package, but you can buy more for a few dollars each.

The Toro 51609 is an electric blower so you need to connect the cord the the power line. But that makes it quiet and clean to use, unlike gas powered leaf blowers. Besides that , this Toro 51609 is still very powerful, reaching adjustable air speeds of up to 230mph (most similar devices don’t pass 200 mph), even better than some of the cheaper petrol powered machines.

The Toro 51609 comes with 2-years warranty and is the best sold leaf blower on Amazon in the last year (has been rated 4.7 stars out of 5 from hundreds of reviews). The good price tag has something do to with its popularity as well, especially since you can get it online greatly discounted, for only about 70 bucks. (that’s almost 40% less than the usual retail price in brick&mortar stores).

So, you should at least check this one out. Click that big button above big button above for more details and pictures about the Toro 51609 leaf blower/vacuum/shredder, plus user reviews and the options to get one with the discounted price, if you want to.

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