Toro 51618 electric blower/vacuum – great price

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The Toro 51618 is perhaps the best leaf blower you can get these days if value for money is what you care about the most. This is a cheaper versions of the more popular Toro 51609 (best sold in the US during the last years – also present on this site) and provides almost all the same features as that one, except a couple of minor details, but for a cheaper price.

The device is both a blower and a vacuum. You can easily switch between the two modes and there are two different tubes included, adapted for each of these actions. Inside you have an electric and powerful 12 amp engine capable of reaching speed of up to 230 mph.

The 51618 can handle pretty much everything it might encounter, including wet leaves and other difficult debriefs. However, there are some more powerful electric such tools on the market. But that’s not a problem. Overall the Toro 51592 is a very good leaf hog, powerful, compact and light. However, it has one quirk that might steer you away from it: it uses a plastic impeller, not a metallic one, so if you use the vacuum/mulcher function and try to sucks in rough, big objects, it will eventually break. The more expensive 51609 machine comes with a magnesium blade instead.

The Toro 51618 sells for about $55, a very good price for such a device, considering you also get Free Shipping included. Click that big button on top for more details, pics, reviews from those who already own one of these and the option to buy one yourself.

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