Weed Eater FB25 – gas-powered handheld leaf blower?

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Many of you might remember your father blowing the leafs away when you were a child. I know I do. Well, chances are that your dad was using a Weed Eater, as this brand is on the market for a very long time. Thus, when it comes to getting rid of those annoying leafs, the Weed Eater FB25 might just be what you need.

First of all, this is a gas-powered blower and that makes it quite powerful and allows you to easily move around, without having to care much about that cable following you around that you geed with electric machines. the FB25 comes with a 25cc 2-stroke engine, generating speeds of up to 170 mph and air volumes of up to 290 cfm, which makes it quite punchy, even powerful enough for commercial use. Besides that, it offers a speed adjuster and even an idle mode, that lets you quickly take a break or move from one place to another without having to shut it down.

Now, you might have noticed that this Weed Eater FB25 is a hand-held device, while most gas powered blowers are backpacks. That’s because this unit is quite compact and weighs around 8 pounds, so it’s fairly light and easy to carry around.

So, bottom point, I quite like this model. Yes, it can get a bit noisy and because it’s gas powered, you can’t exactly use it in some states, as such accessories are banned. But if you’re allowed to and need something powerful, yet small, that can do the job fast, you should look at this one.

It retails for around 90 dollars, but you can find it online discounted for around 75$ (with shipping included) and 24 month warranty. Pretty neat imh. Click the button above for more details and of course, some user reviews from those who already bought this product and used it around their houses.

Click the button bellow for more details on this product and reviews from those who already own it.