WORX Air WG545 cordless sweeper – a powerful blower

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Light and powerful are the main words that could describe this WORX Air WG545 cordless leaf sweeper/

Most such battery powered sweepers can’t handle jobs in the grass, but this one is powerful enough even for such a task, so it won’t be useful only on driveways, stairs,etc. Still,. don’t ask too much from it, it’s still not as punchy as an gas powered machine or even as the electric ones. Thanks to the 20-volt lithium battery powered motor, it can provide an up to 120-mph blast at the end of the directional airflow nozzle, which is enough to handle some leafs and even some small debriefs and stones.

Besides that, the device is very light, weighing under 4 pounds (with the battery included). You get around 20 to 30 minutes of work (on full power) on a single charge and a complete recharge takes just 30 minutes, since it comes with a Lithium battery.

However, power and ergonomics on such a device come with a price, and the WORX Air WG545 is quite pricey. But it sells now for just under $100, with a nice discount. Free Shipping is included as well.

Bottom point, the speed and reliability (this particular device scored very good reviews from previous buyers) of the Air WG545 fully recommend it, if you can afford to spend $100 on a cordless leaf blower. Otherwise, there are some good cheaper alternatives as well, but not a lot cheaper.

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